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Soap&Skin: Lovetune For Vacuum"14 Dez 2008, 09:00

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dear ... ∀

Lovetune for Vacuum will be available
from March 6th 09 (in Austria)
from March 13th 09 (in Swizerland & Germany)
from March 16th 09 in Rest Europe

If you can't stand the german press about S&S - please notice the following link and feel free to use it as a bulletin or banner..."

I can't wait!!
I can't wait!!

Soap&Skin @ Brut/Künstlerhaus, Wien - 06.03.2009.

[Soap&Skin @ Radiokulturhaus, Wien - 19.05.2008]
[Soap&Skin @ Minoritenkirche, Krems (Kontraste) - 04.10.2008]

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