"Conquest"-Videoclip: Jack als Matador. Einer mit allzu viel Mitleid.

"The White Stripes have been busy making a video for "Conquest", their third single. Directed by prolific music videographer Diane Martel, the video was shot over two days in Artesia, California. Filmed with a visual urgency that brings the song's Spanish themes, frantic horns and compulsive pounding rhythm to life, the video follows an explosive - if unconventional - love story that pits man against bull in the ultimate conquest. To make his performance as authentic as possible, Jack White trained extensively with famed bullfighter Dennis Borba." [UPDATE: WHITE STRIPES (12)]

Schräges Video. Äußerst witzig und selten dämlich zugleich. Und Meg? Just the coolest girl ever, she doesn't have to say anything to be awesome. Und Jack? Yes, he is slowly turning into Johnny Depp.

[whitestripes.com] [myspace.com/thewhitestripes]