NIN @ Rock am See, Konstanz - 01.09.2007... "Leck mein Kugelsack".

Recap Pt.1: A message from Trent, and the beginning and end of the show.

"this show was... beyond good and evil. i've never seen trent in such a bad mood. i've hardly seen anyone in such a bad mood. [...] when he just walked onto the stage at the beginning, i was wondering that there was no intro [...] and then he started his speech about that promoter [...] but that anger was still kind of productive on the beginnning. the show was harder, more aggressive, more destructive.

but then trent started to play hurt and some stupid jerk [...] started screaming for head like a hole. [...] that made trent stop, saying something like that he heard that guy and actually that was the moment he got really mad. he knocked his keyboard off and i really thought he would jump off the stage and kill that guy instead of the promoter [...]

they began to play the hand that feeds, [...] and that song represented the end of some guitars, mic stands, water bottles and stuff. and it nearly represented the end of a roady who just wasn't smacked by a flying guitar because he ducked fast enough."

Recap Pt. 2: 2:39am, on the bus in Germany. Trent's thoughts on tonight's show, unexpectedly interrupted by Josh Freese, babbling about this movie.

Our final gift to the Rock Am See festival...mehr dazu: [laut.de] [ankiejunkie.twoday.net]


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