NIN @ Rock am See, Konstanz - 01.09.2007... "Leck mein Kugelsack".

Recap Pt.1: A message from Trent, and the beginning and end of the show.

"this show was... beyond good and evil. i've never seen trent in such a bad mood. i've hardly seen anyone in such a bad mood. [...] when he just walked onto the stage at the beginning, i was wondering that there was no intro [...] and then he started his speech about that promoter [...] but that anger was still kind of productive on the beginnning. the show was harder, more aggressive, more destructive.

but then trent started to play hurt and some stupid jerk [...] started screaming for head like a hole. [...] that made trent stop, saying something like that he heard that guy and actually that was the moment he got really mad. he knocked his keyboard off and i really thought he would jump off the stage and kill that guy instead of the promoter [...]

they began to play the hand that feeds, [...] and that song represented the end of some guitars, mic stands, water bottles and stuff. and it nearly represented the end of a roady who just wasn't smacked by a flying guitar because he ducked fast enough."

Recap Pt. 2: 2:39am, on the bus in Germany. Trent's thoughts on tonight's show, unexpectedly interrupted by Josh Freese, babbling about this movie.

Our final gift to the Rock Am See festival...mehr dazu: [laut.de] [ankiejunkie.twoday.net]


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ankiejunkie - 3. Sep, 13:59:
böser böser Trent
Da hast du wohl Recht. In der Nacht nach dem Fiasko, hatte ich ja Albträume (" Nine Inch Nails lassen bekannt geben, dass sie nie wieder in Deutschland auftreten!"), jetzt bin ich wieder wohlauf und wünsche mir langsam nur mal ein "normales" NIN-Konzert.

Mal sehen, was heute in München passiert. Vielleicht retten die Besucher dort ja das Ansehen Deutschlands. Diese ganze Sache mit dem Tourblog gefällt mir sehr... immer am Puls der Zeit...

L.G. aus Mannheim! 
wasix - 3. Sep, 14:56:
ich hab das tourblog - tatsächlich gelungen - erst entdeckt, da lief es schon 'ne ganze weile. schande eigentlich... 
wasix - 4. Sep, 08:06:
der veranstalter dazu...
"Letztlich seien die Musiker nur mit einer nachträglichen Erhöhung der Gage um weitere 30.000 US-Dollar zum Auftritt zu bewegen gewesen. "Wir sind erpresst worden" sagt Armin Nissel. Ursprünglich seien sogar 50.000 Dollar gefordert worden." [suedkurier.de] 
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